How to check SQL Server connection without SSMS?

There are times when you need to verify SQL Server Connectivity from a machine there is no SQL Server Management Studio or any tool available. Not to worry, there are many ways to do this but the question is how easily can this be done? This question is often asked in DBA Interviews as well, “How to verify sql server connection without SSMS?” or “How to find installed Sql Server Instance names on a machine without using SSMS or any other tools?”

Here are the steps: Use UDL (Universal Data Link) file.

1. Go to RUN → Notepad
2. Once the notepad is opened, File → Save As… (Do not type anything in the notepad)

3. Choose the path → Save as type: All Files (*.*) → File name: Test.udl (File name can be anything however the extension must be .udl)
4. Double click on the udl file and click on provider Tab. Select SQL Server Drives


5. Click on Connection tab and enter your SQL Server name or Instance Name

6. Select your database and hit on Test connection. If every thing goes well, you must see