Conducting Mock Interviews

We offer unique service. We conduct Mock Interviews for SQL DBAs who are actively looking for or planning to go for a new job or may be just want to check if they are really ready for a job right now. Generally, we don’t charge for any of our services however, mock interview service is ‘the only’ paid service we offer. We kept it paid intentionally, not to earn money but to see your seriousness about your learning. Additionally, we suggest you that you may join in SQL DBA Communities and see if people are willing to conduct Mock interviews for you. A friend working in same profile or your previous leads or managers are good people to judge your progress. We know it’s hard to get them all the time and that is why we are here.


Use the below link to pay through PayPal service. Once your payments are done, please send me an email and we can finilize an interview schedule.

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