Dear Reader, let me first thank you for showing your interest in this blog. This is first time I am writing a blog. I am not fond of writing so excuse me if something looks like nonsense to you.

This blog is focused for all those who are working as a SQL DBA or would like to be a SQL DBA due to any reasons.

Before we start anything, you must know who am I. Isnt it? I am Sachin Diwakar, working as a SQL DBA since last 10 years. I started my career with Birlasoft Limited (Noida) then moved to HCL Comnet (Noida) then moved to XL Captial (Gurgaon) and finally happily working with TCS (Gurgaon). Read more about me…

In last 10 years, I handled many roles and all of them were around SQL DBA stuff only. Then one day, I thought of sharing my knowledge with everyone through this blog. While doing interviews, I noticed that many experienced DBAs are missing many ‘DBA THINGS’ that they must know. So, I searched a lot and finally stuck with this domain ‘DBA THINGS’.

In this blog, I am documenting nothing but one of my most trusted ways of training New and Intermediate DBAs. Trust me, this method works and it works all the time not only for DBA Things but for anything. I follow the simplest approach – ‘Read it and Do it’   This means that here you will not get those fancy screenshots, you will only get instructions. You must explore on your own to learn in effective way. However, if you are stuck somewhere and need a screenshot – I will give you the link to the page from my google drive. Sounds good?

If you follow this blog, I am more than confident that you will become a good SQL DBA with in 60 Hours who at least knows what to do and what not to do. Yes, you read it correctly, 60 Hours. Don’t push yourself beyond your limits; one or two hours per day are more than sufficient. However, if you are keen to learn more and more, no one can stop you. Happy Learning!!!

So here is the approach that we are going to follow. An hour learning is like a lesson in this blog. I would recommend that you must keep track of your hours and should revisit here every day. Once you finish your daily hours, you must go and check your performance. You MUST read all the interview questions and then have someone to conduct a Mock Interview for you. I know finding someone who can regularly conduct mock interviews for you is not an easy task. However, I am sure you will find someone. If not, you can connect with me and I will do it for you. Read more about mock interviews..