March 2017 – DBA Things blogging contest


DBA Things Team believes in bringing something new all the time. We had set the trend of “Free SQL server training” with in our community, our “March towards SQL Server : SQL Server interview question and answer series” was a super hit series. Now we are back with our first blogging contest. Idea is very simple. In nutshell, you write your blog at DBAThings, together we promote it and get feedback from other DBAs. If your blog is top voted by others, you stand a chance to win cash of prize of Rs 2500 and a digital certificate from DBAThings certifying that you are an awesome blogger for SQL server.

What do you think? Do you have that fire? Or do you just want to try your luck? No matter what you think – try it! Because you may not know that you have THAT FIRE in you!!

Here is some important information & FAQs about contest

  1. Is this contest open for everyone? Yes, as long as you can write about SQL Server.
  2. What is the end date for registration? 10-Mar-2017  Date extended up to 10-Apr-2017 due to less participation.
  3. What is the end date of Contest? Your blog must be submitted before 15-Mar-2017.
  4. When will I be announced as winner? 30-Mar-2017. You will see the result on DBAThings.
  5. Will prize money be given out side India? No, only digital certificate will be given via email.
  6. How will I get credentials to post a blog on DBAThings? Use the contact form to request for credentials.
  7. How will I see the up-votes for my post? It will be available under the blog post.
  8. How will DBAThings be promoting my blog? We will post your blogs into our Facebook community.
  9. What if I want to participate as anonymous user? Sorry, you can’t.
  10. Shall I promote my blog to get more up-votes? Yes, you can.
  11. Will I be the owner of blog after contest? Sorry, no. Due to limitation, we will publish your name as author but contents will remain DBAThings property.
  12. What are the topics I can cover? Its up to you, however keep it within SQL server and related technologies.
  13. Can I copy paste my from my previous blog? Sorry, no.
  14. What if I receive my credentials very late? You can still use notepad at your laptop 🙂

As this is our first contest, we will learn on the go. Should you have any question, don’t forget to add your comments in the post.

Good Luck!