SQL Concepts

Since many versions of SQL server is out in  market but core remains same. SQL Concepts are nothing but those core things that one must know. Here also, some of the Lessons are for SQL Server 2012 only. Please follow the links below, try devoting an hour at least. Also, I will encourage you to read the Lesson 0 ‘Setup the ground’ because you need to setup your ground before you start practicing. I mean, setup VMWare workstartion etc.

Lesson 1 Who are DBAs
Lesson 2 SQL Server 2012 Installation
Lesson 3 SQL server Editions
Lesson 4 SQL server Licensing
Lesson 5 SQL Server System Databases
Lesson 6 Database Objects
Lesson 7 Database Keys
Lesson 8 Database Logical & Physical Design
Lesson 9 Index & Configurations
Lesson 10 Database Security
Lesson 11 Backups & Restores
Lesson 12 Linked Servers
Lesson 13 SQL Server Agent
Lesson 14 SQL Server Configuration best practicies
Lesson 15 Physical Storage
Lesson 16 Troubleshooting issues – An approach
Lesson 17 Queries & Execution plans
Lesson 18 Other SQL Tools
Lesson 19 Database States
Lesson 20 Database Maintenance Plan
Lesson 21 Performance Issues
Lesson 22 SQL Server system tables
Lesson 23 SQL server system SPs
Lesson 24 SQL server DMVs
Lesson 25 Important DBCC
Lesson 26 Monitoring SQL server
Lesson 27 Locks, Blocks & Deadlocks
Lesson 28 Memory management
Lesson 29 Database Mail
Lesson 30 Setting up standards