SQL Server DBA Lessons

Since, there are lot of SQL Server versions available, please click on the the version link for starting your sessions.

By the way, before you start your lessons, I am assuming that you have read ‘Things that you need before you start..’ If yes, let go ahead from here.

60 Hours are divided into two sections. Out of 60, 30 Hours are given to SQL Server basics and concepts and rest of those 30 hours for SQL Server 2012 DBA Concepts.

SQL Basics and Concepts

These lessons are all about SQL server basics, regardless of SQL Server version. Some of the topics may look like redundant but its always good to go through with them.

SQL Server 2012 DBA Lessons

These lessons are all about SQL server 2012 verions. I would recommend that you must go through with SQL Server Baiscs & Concepts before trying this.