What employer wants?

Guys, this post is not for DBAs at all. However, it will suit you if you want to be an intern DBA.

I recently posted a job post in a Facebook Group to hire 4 Interns for my own Startup (www.instrek.com). In my post, very clearly, I mentioned that don’t like this post or leave a message to assume that I will connect with you. Sadly, many of them didn’t even read the message and started liking, commenting or asking those questions which were already answered there in the post.

Then, I thought of wringing this blog so that I can share some insight about what happens in the mind of an employer when you apply for a job as a fresher. This post is not coming from all the way just after my job posting but coming from my experience from both the sides of the interview table.

  1. Formal but not afraid: Employer wants you to be formal with your approach but at the same time you shouldn’t be afraid. More than you need a job, they need you as well.
  2. Always write a fresh email: Don’t use forwarded email to apply for the job posting. If you don’t have time to write an email – what impression are you leaving?
  3. Don’t ask your family members or friends to talk about you: Brothers are talking on behalf of sisters, friends are talking about friends. No, this is not acceptable. An employer wants to see who is going to work for them.
  4. Postive and right attitude: Freshers are hired only for the positive attitude but not for your technical skills in IT. In any case, until and unless you are highly expert into something technicals, your attitude is something will always be seen and remains criteria.
  5. Attention to details: Always pay attention to details. Don’t just jump to any conclusion
  6. Ask right questions: Though there are no dumb questions you must ask the right questions only. Only those questions are relevant and not answered already.

I can add lots of point to it and will keep on adding however if you are preparing for interviews and need some tips – you can connect with me. I can guide you.


Sachin Diwakar