10 Interesting things that ‘CAN NOT’ be done in SQL Server

I was just thinking about few interesting facts about SQL Server properties which are good to be known for a SQL Server DBA.

  1. You can not add data and log files in master and model database.
  2. You can not add User Defined File Groups in master, model and tempdb database.
  3. You can not change the recovery model of tempdb database.
  4. You can not take transaction log backups of master database even if the recovery model of master database is changed to Full.
  5. You can not take any backup of tempdb database.
  6. You can not rename any system database.
  7. You can not allocate Transaction log files under File Groups
  8. You can not change the file group of a file once it is set.
  9. You can not create a new database if model database is in use
  10. You can not change the owner of master, model, tempdb or distribution database.
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3 responses to “10 Interesting things that ‘CAN NOT’ be done in SQL Server”

  1. Initially I was not able to create a new database in the application. But then I came across this article and refering to point 9, I killed the sessions connected to model DB and I could create the new databases. Thanks for such a useful information.