Introduction to Windows PowerShell (Part2)

In this session, We will learn how you can control the result or output of command prompt & will also learn few more commands-

If you are new to PowerShell, Please read previous blog Introduction to Windows PowerShell (Part1)

You can start from command prompt or from PowerShell-


Now Control the result of cmd prompt-



All files & commands have few properties, few methods are associated with them, You can check it with get-member or gm

For eg : PS C:\> dir | ?{$_.Name -match “dba”} | gm            Now you can use these properties & methods.

It is difficult to explain all commands & attributes of a tool. My main aim is to provide concept & few practical knowledge on this.


Variables :

YOU can define any thing on $<variable name>


Few more concepts related to DateTime 

Date command will work on CMD & PowerShell

Time command will work on cmd & will give error on PowerShell- for time you need date -displayhint time

Get-Date -format “dd-MMM-yyyy HH:mm”


Get-Date | Select-Object -ExpandProperty DayOfWeek

Few more commands you can use-


We will learn creating scripts , executing them & few more concepts in next session-

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