Learn Powershell with Vimal Lohani

powershellVimal Lohani sharing his knowledge and experience of Powershell in an exclusive series “Introduction to Windows PowerShell”

SN Topic Description Posted On
1 Introduction to Windows PowerShell (Part1) Windows PowerShell is a configuration management framework.. June 12, 2015
2 Introduction to Windows PowerShell (Part2) In this session, We will learn how you can control the result.. June 16, 2015
3 Introduction to Windows PowerShell (Part3) Today we will discuss about PowerShell scripts.. June 26, 2015
4 PowerShell : Copy a table from one server to another Copy a table from one server to another.. June 30, 2015
5 Backup of OLAP Database using Powershell How to take backup of OLAP databases using Powershell July 07, 2015